Take Action

Here is a sampling of things you can do now to support the fight against aging and death:

  • Tell people about it: Most people accept death as an inevitable part of life. The more you can bring up the idea of a vastly extended life as a possibility, the greater the chances that people’s attitudes will changes; that they will join the fight.
  • Fund research into life extension and preservation: Several research organizations are researching life extension. The SENS foundation funds university anti-aging research and conducts research itself. The Brain Preservation Foundation funds a technology prize for other means of post-death preservation. 
  • Fund technologies that will affect our ability to discover and produce new cures: The Center for Applied Rationality researches techniques for humans to behave more rationally and strategically.
  • Participate directly in technology research: If you are a student, consider switching to a field such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, or neurobiology in order to increase the number of people searching for a solution to the problem of death and dying.
  • Stay healthy: if you die prematurely, you can’t help in the effort. Stop smoking, lose weight, and drive very carefully to increase your odds of surviving till a cure for death is discovered.

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